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The stenographic transcription includes all spoken words during a debate or exposition. It is indispensable in those cases in which it is required an irrefutable proof of every deliberation of an entity, either in order to render management transparency or because there exist internal conflicts. It is also indispensable for seminars or courses of which there is no bibliography available.


The minutes are the summary of the shorthand notes taken in a meeting (Boards of Directors, Regular or Special Meetings, Directors' Councils) which contains the decisions adopted by the entity together with the corresponding synthesis of basis and dissenting opinions that might exist.


Transcriptions are done from digital audio files. Unlike stenographic versions and meeting's minutes, transcriptions only ensure the transcription of those spoken words perfectly audible. In these cases stenographers do not assume the responsibility of attributing the spoken words to those that have pronounced them as stenographers have not been present during the celebration of the meeting.

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